Dr. Glynn is passionate about providing high quality holistic medicine. These are testimonials written by her patients and class attendees dealing with some of the following issues: 


"Our son improved sensibly since he met you, and we appreciate all you do for him. You are truly a Godsend, and your knowledge and professionalism are very much appreciated. I am looking forward to continue to see him improve under your care. Thank you!"

pediatrics + skin conditions

"Thank you for seeing us last week.  My son is feeling much better.  The neem oil worked quickly, so I think your diagnosis of a fungal infection was very accurate. I love how well natural methods can heal and that you have an extensive knowledge of what will work."

thyroid + other endocrine conditions

"Thank you for your continued persistence and also caring to advocate for me!  I appreciate your hard work and personal touch to patient care.  Incredible, personable, and listening doctors are so hard to find!"

GI concerns + weight loss

"I am happy to report that just a month ago, before attending your Healthy Cleanse class and doing a 3-week detox, I would have found these suggestions to be too much work for me. The step-by-step program and menu ideas with your support have made me re-think food. I honestly crave healthy, fresh foods and cannot believe that sugar and carb cravings are gone. I am sleeping better than ever, and while I don’t believe in scales, I know that I have lost weight because of how my clothes fit. Looking forward to continuing my healthy eating. Thanks for educating us on the right way, versus a harsh and fast elimination diet."