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Dr. Glynn specializes in the naturopathic assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders including Asperger's, ADHD and other learning disorders, and depression. She is experienced in the treatment of postpartum depression, OCD, and bipolar disorders.  

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Offering a wide range of services to children, adolescents and adults including: 

  • pediatric visits
  • genetic test interpretation (including MTHFR)
  • prevention & wellness appointments
  • nutrition consultations
  • holistic lab result interpretation
  • supplement management 
  • medication review
  • acute office visits

Dr. Glynn also enjoys helping with: 

  • sleep disturbance and healthy lifestyle management
  • weight management
  • fertility issues
  • autoimmune conditions – RA, celiac disease, SLE, Crohn’s/UC
  • digestive conditions – constipation, indigestion, allergy/sensitivity
  • respiratory conditions – seasonal allergies, asthma, COPD
  • cardiovascular disease management – hypertension, atherosclerosis
  • dermatological conditions – eczema, fungal infection, psoriasis
  • acute conditions – upper respiratory infection, ear infection
  • pediatric conditions – behavior problems