Thank you for considering support of PNW Sustainable Medicine located in Edmonds.  PNW Sustainable Medicine is registered with Washington State’s Charities Program as required by law and additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting

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All the care Dr. Glynn provides aims to restore the relationship between doctor and patient. She believes strongly that naturopathic preventive care should not be limited to the wealthy and that finances should never be the only barrier to experiencing health and happiness.  Dr. Glynn has been passionate about this philosophy since before she went to medical school, while she was delivering care to the elderly and those with disabilities in medical homes and hospital settings. With insurance deductibles and premiums growing ever more expensive, patients avoid going to the doctor when they need it most. Through PNW Sustainable Medicine, a 501(c)(3) federally-recognized nonprofit clinic, Dr. Glynn can deliver high-quality holistic care with truly affordable payment options for people of any income level. She focuses on optimization of health, rather than solely on treating disease.

Who can qualify? 

  • persons with low income (less than or equal to 400% of federal poverty level for family size)

  • first responders including fire, police and their families

  • veterans, active military and their families

  • individuals and families living with:

    • ADHD or autism spectrum disorders

    • anxiety or depression

    • developmental or physical disabilities

    • behavioral and learning disorders

    • sleep conditions or disorders

    • genetic conditions like Down's Syndrome

    • endocrine and autoimmune conditions

Dr. Glynn enjoys working with patients who are ready to take on the challenge of improving their health through lifestyle change and well-directed naturopathic medical interventions (as needed). In the state of Washington, Dr. Glynn is a primary care physician. She can help manage medications and order labs/imaging if needed, but is additionally trained in herbal medicine, nutrition, genetic interpretation, safe and directed nutrient supplementation, homeopathy and counseling. 

Dr. Glynn does not contract with insurance companies. For more information on billing, qualifying for nonprofit care, and coverage, download the nonprofit application below. 


What services are offered?

  • scheduled office visits, phone consults, and telemedicine/video visits

  • brief email correspondence

  • annual physicals, wellness and prevention visits

  • nutrition and dietary counseling

  • mental health counseling visits and brief check-ins

  • acute visits for common illnesses

  • vaccine counseling as part of and outside of a well child visit

  • educational consultations regarding school paperwork, IEPs, 504 Plan development

How much does it cost? 

Normal office prices for services through Practical Family Health: 

  • first visit $285

  • return visit $155

  • email consult $95

Discounted prices for patients who qualify for nonprofit care through PNW Sustainable Medicine: 

  • first visit up to $95

  • return visit up to $65

    • in-person

    • telemedicine/video

    • phone consult

  • email consult (for established patients only) up to $45

For low income patients the above prices are a maximum; prices are determined based on income and family size.  See nonprofit application (below) for more details.


Do I qualify? 

All patients must apply for care at PNW Sustainable Medicine by downloading the application below and submitting it via email to Dr. Glynn. Her email is listed on the application. No long-term contract is required. Dr. Glynn and her patients decide on frequency of visits together. 

Questions? Contact Dr. Glynn. 

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