nonprofit holistic medicine for all.

I provide integrative functional medicine and patient-centered mental health services to people wanting to #findbetterbalance in their lives. Together, we'll use the best of modern science and time-honored traditional medicine to allow you to grow, change, and live better. 


honest. practical. individualized.

I've seen the changes in my own life, and now I want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the power of integrative medicine. I started a nonprofit clinic because I know that those who need preventive and holistic services are the ones who never get a chance to receive it. 

My federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit clinic allows me to provide life-changing services to first responders/veterans (and their families), those with low income, mental health conditions, learning and behavioral disorders, autism, ADHD, genetic conditions like Down's Syndrome, and endocrine/autoimmune disease. 

Affordable visit prices. 

Simple HIPAA-compliant video and email options.  

Direct to consumer lab testing at up to 90% discount. 

Medical-grade supplements shipped right to you at a 35% off retail. 


You’re worth it.


Just because your life experience and biochemistry are unique, doesn't mean you can't build community around your own health practice. It's my passion to bring care back to health care, and part of that process is allowing people with similar challenges to connect. 


You want to make sure we are the right fit, and so do I. The best medicine is always the kind that allows you to speak honestly and openly about strengths and weaknesses, troubles and triumphs. Let's get in touch. 


I get it. I'm an information and resource sponge too. Social media is where I share the most effective evidence-based approaches, my favorite recipes, and helpful clinical experience with the masses. 


Community Resources, from the Community

At each Meetup, resources shared between group attendees are catalogued by Dr. Glynn in order to encourage connection and link families and individuals together. Click below to download the Resource List from the monthly Parent/Caregiver ASD/ADHD/Anxiety/Depression Meetup, or for the Resource List for adults with (suspected or ongoing) ASD.


patient-centered care.

We explore options openly. We decide on a realistic and achievable path. And we stick together through the ups and downs. 

What is patient-centered care? It's medicine where the patient is finally recognized as the authority on his or her own life. No two people are alike, so truly individualized medicine is necessary. 


my services

Nutrition Guidance 
Get a realistic view of how what you eat may be affecting your physical and mental health.

Getting "Unstuck" 
Find a new way of approaching chronic issues and conditions, by having someone listen to your whole story.

HIPAA-Compliant Telemedicine Visits
An easy option for busy schedules, caregiver consults, and avoiding the Seattle commute.

Take a deeper look into roadblocks to health with biofeedback, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and learning how emotions and stress affect your physiology. 

Functional Medicine Labs 
Your biochemistry is important, but it's not the only part of you. Experience interpretation of lab results in the context of your whole symptom picture. 


patient voices

I’m sure you expect that when you hear from a patient, it will be because he or she isn’t feeling well. I am also sure that I’m not the first person to want to tell you thank you.

I am actually feeling better than I have in years, and I have no doubt that it is a direct result of your careful evaluation of my symptoms, thoughtful analysis of my lab work, and supplements you prescribed for me.

I feel so grateful that your office was recommended by a friend, and that I took the chance to come and see if you could help. You helped me - a lot - and I just thought you should know.
— letter to Dr. Glynn, from a patient living with depression
Our son improved sensibly since he met you, and we appreciate all you do for him. You are truly a Godsend, and your knowledge and professionalism are very much appreciated. I am looking forward to continue to see him improve under your care. Thank you!
— email from mother of child with ADD diagnosis
I am happy to report that just a month ago, before attending your Healthy Cleanse class and doing a 3-week detox, I would have found these suggestions to be too much work for me. The step-by-step program and menu ideas with your support have made me re-think food. I honestly crave healthy, fresh foods and cannot believe that sugar and carb cravings are gone. I am sleeping better than ever, and while I don’t believe in scales, I know that I have lost weight because of how my clothes fit. Looking forward to continuing my healthy eating. Thanks for educating us on the right way, versus a harsh and fast elimination diet.
— email from patient with gastrointestinal condition
Thank you for your continued persistence and also caring to advocate for me! I appreciate your hard work and personal touch to patient care. Incredible, personable, and listening doctors are so hard to find!
— email from patient with thyroid and endocrine conditions
Thank you for seeing us last week. My son is feeling much better. The neem oil worked quickly, so I think your diagnosis of a fungal infection was very accurate. I love how well natural methods can heal and that you have an extensive knowledge of what will work.
— email from parent of patient with acute skin condition

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